Earth! Gravity


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Content ID: 978-1939329639

“Earth! Gravity” is a rhyming science picture book that introduces the concept of gravity. Sprock characters are on a planet called Nace where nuckets grow out of buckets. The Sprocks play with pods that grow from the nuckets. One day while playing the Sprocks decide to drop pods at the same time to see which pod will hit the ground first. When the pods hit the ground at the same time, one Spock gets a bigger pod while the other gets a smaller pod.  The Sprocks discover that when they drop the pods at the same time, the pods hit the ground at the same time even though they are different sizes. There is a song at the end of the book related to the science concept in the story.

Paperback: 34 pages             Size: 8.5 x 11 inches