Dialogic Earth! Volcano


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Content ID: 978-1939329424

“Dialogic Earth! Volcano” is a dialogic integrated science picture book, complete with dialogic prompts, that introduces the process of lava coming out of a volcano. The story begins with a peaceful volcano. Then a bulge forms as pressure builds inside the volcano. The bulge in the volcano cracks as smoke and steam are released. Finally, magma flows out that cools to lava and becomes a crown for the volcano. The activities at the end of the book include an experiment, movement, and a song. “Dialogic Earth! Volcano” is rich in promoting language arts via dialogic prompts that may include vocabulary expansion, letter recognition, word opposites, rhyming patterns, recall, reading comprehension, counting, and more.

Paperback: 36 pages            Size: 8.5 x 11 inches