Buy Paperbacks at Amazon

1.  Is this The KlevaKids website? 

  • No, it is Amazon.
  • All actions are at Amazon.

    2.  Where is the shopping cart and checkout?

    • Both the shopping cart and checkout are at Amazon.
    • KlevaKids does not store any of this information.

    3.  Why are there books at Amazon that are not on the KlevaKids website?

    • You will see all KlevaKids books currently or previously distributed by Amazon.
    • The Klevakids website does not include the "Read To Me Series"

    4.  Why are some of the prices so high?

    • Amazon allows some of their affiliates to post duplicte KlevaKids books at higher prices.
    • The actual amazon prices for KlevaKids books are:
      1. Read To Me Series: $9.95 (8 X 10)
      2. Dialogic Series: $19.95 (8.5 X 11)
      3. Foundation Series: $14.95 (8.5 X 11)